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ENTSO-E releases pan-European network development plan for the next decade and beyond

ENTSO-E’s Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2020 is the newest release of ENTSO-E’s bi-yearly pan-European plan for electricity infrastructure development, assessing how 154 transmission and 26 storage projects can contribute to Europe’s energy transition and create growth and jobs. A public consultation on the draft TYNDP 2020 is ongoing until 4 January 2021, and a webinar will take place on 4 December 2020.

Europe has engaged on an ambitious path towards climate neutrality. Achieving this goal requires a coordinated, pan-European approach to electricity system planning, the TYNDP. The TYNDP is essential to the timely and effective development of transmission infrastructure to deliver long-term European policy and aspirations while keeping the system secure.

The TYNDP investigates how existing and proposed electricity infrastructure behaves in various future energy scenarios set in 2025, 2030 and 2040. The scenarios are jointly built by ENTSO-E with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), and co-constructed with European and National institutions, environment and consumer associations, the industry, and any interested parties.

A range of European indicators, approved by Regulators and the European

Commission, are used to assess how electricity infrastructure projects help to deliver EU climate targets, market integration and security of supply. For the first time, a pilot study also assessed projects’ impact in terms of job creation and GDP. Collectively, TYNDP 2020 projects generate an increase in European socio-economic welfare of 7,3 to 13,2 billion euro per year depending on the future considered, by reducing CO2 emissions and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources. Investing in the TYNDP project portfolio would represent 1,7 million jobs in the EU, contributing to the post-pandemic European economic recovery.

The first part of the TYNDP 2020 package released over the summer, the Power System Needs study, investigated where new solutions (beyond existing projects) for electricity exchange are needed by 2030 and 2040 to reach climate targets and keep security and costs under control.

System needs exist everywhere in Europe, with a total of 50GW of needs on close to 40 borders in 2030 and 43 additional GW on more than 55 borders in 2040. Addressing system needs puts Europe on track to realize the Green Deal, with 110 TWh of curtailed energy and 53 Mtons of CO2 emissions avoided each year until 2040. The methodology applied in the TYNDP 2020 is set in the 3rd CBA Guideline for cost-benefit analysis of grid development project, a document drafted by ENTSO-E jointly with stakeholders. The final CBA Guideline 3.0 will be published when approved by the European Commission, along with implementation guidelines describing how the methodology was applied in the TYNDP 2020.

Zdroj: ENTSO-E


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